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ATG Surface Guard

An Award Winning Hostile Vehicle Barrier and Temporary HVM Solution

Technical Specifications

  • Height Above Ground: 27 ½ inches (Guard Height)
  • Width of Unit: 46 ½ inches
  • Length of Unit: 56 inches (front to back)
  • Foundation Depth: 0 inches (surface mounted)
  • Security Rating: IWA 14: V/2,500(N1G)/48/90:4.5
    IWA 14: V/7,200(N3C)/32/90:4.8
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Crowdguard – Protecting Crowded Spaces

ATG Surface Guard is an innovative and versatile temporary Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solution. This surface mounted event protection system provides robust and reliable HVM and crowd management for a wide range of events and venue environments. A Counter Terror Awards winner, the ATG Surface Guard HVM security system offers safety management and protection without looking menacing or unwelcoming. It allows pedestrians, cyclists, baby carriages, and mounted police to move freely between the HVM barriers while keeping vehicles out.

The surface mounted ATG Surface Guard HVM barrier provides an efficient and effective solution to mitigate potential threats and attacks. The benefits of the ATG Surface Guard include

  • Quick installation
  • Full pedestrian access to events and venues
  • Easily and quickly removed, allowing emergency vehicular access within 30 seconds
  • No foundation preparation for installation
  • Does not damage the installation area
  • Offers an aesthetically pleasing crowd management and safety solution with the option of branded wrapping
  • Modularity of the system accommodates varying road slopes, curbs, and medians
  • Can be utilized as a temporary measure or deployed long term with more permanent anchors

Crowdguard provides delivery and installation of the ATG Surface Guard HVM barrier at your location or event. We can tailor the installation around your risk assessment and security requirements, advising you on the best way to maximize HVM protection at your site. The system is lightweight and compact, and we can deliver and install it on your site without the need for special lifting equipment.

Where required, we can install vehicle access points to ensure emergency services can reach the pedestrian area. These access points are reinforced with steel plates to support heavier vehicles and finished in bright yellow to clearly mark their location. The system has been designed to enable authorized personnel to manually lower the protective barrier in less than 30 seconds should an emergency vehicle need to come through.

If access is required for low chassis vehicles or if there is a need to quickly re-open the road to general traffic, we can install vehicle access extension plates, adding to the array of configuration options.

To make the ATG Surface Guard HVM solution an even more integral part of your location or event, we can personalize the HVM barriers with your branding, or that of your sponsors, or add LED lighting, or even footfall counters.

Modular Protection System

  • Polyurethane cover, supplied in light grey. Easy to stack and lightweight to store and carry. Can be vinyl wrapped to accommodate branding or sponsorship logos and designs.
  • Warning decals can be added to increase visibility.
  • Modularity of the system allows for a change in road level. This suits installations which need to run across a road and then a stepped pavement. This also allows for installation across a road median.
  • Individual section ramps along with adjustable connectors allow the system to cope with uneven surfaces and severe road slopes.
  • Approach ramp with anti-slip matting allows easy access through the system for cyclists, wheelchairs, baby strollers, and walking aids. The standard depth of the ramp is 18 inches. This can be shortened or elongated if required.
  • Flexible, anti-slip in-fill panels. For the vehicular access point, the in-fill panels are constructed from steel to accommodate the weight of heavy vehicles.